Taiwan-recognized accelerators who can help with Entrepreneur Visa

The Taiwan government has tighten its regulations for foreigners who are applying for Entrepreneur Visa, if the basis were the limited the number of startup accelerator/incubators who can accept EV applicants, and the time it takes for Visas to be approved.

A prospective EV applicant told us that he was told that the government is currently not processing visa of this type when he called to inquire. He stated that he is currently in Taiwan on extended visa with plans to open his company. StartupinTaiwan.com asked local agencies who provide services related to EV applications and they clarified the government is still processing EV but takes more time to review compared to last year. “It is just difficult to get it nowadays…before, you can [just] rent an address [with an incubator] and you can get it,” said one of our sources.

One of the ways to apply for an EV is by participating in an approved entrepreneurial accelerator or incubator. Based on the government website https://incubator.moeasmea.gov.tw/ , there are currently 45 Taiwan Incubation Centers in Taiwan. This figure is lower by 50% compared to 96 incubators list from 2019.  Most notably, the updated 2022 list does not include big names such as FutureWard, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Garage+, and Startup Terrace.

We sent an email to the government about the smaller number of incubator in its list but we haven’t gotten a reply so far. We will include their response. Meanwhile we asked one of the previously listed accelerators and none of them could make a direct comment about this other than “as of now, we are only providing consulting service for EV application, but the applicant will still have to file the application.”

Full list of accredited incubators/accelerators

If you are applying for an Entrepreneur Visa and need an assistance of an incubator/accelerato, below is the most updated list of accelerators that are listed on Taiwan government website, accessed in March 2022. As an added value, we included the URLs of those with website.

National Taiwan Ocean University Operations Center of University-industry Collaboration

Chunghwa Telecom 5G Theme International Creation Accelerator
APT 5G Accelerator
Innovation and Incubation Center of National Taipei University of Technology (IICNTUT)
Business Incubation Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Yangming Campus, Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Tatung University Innovation and Incubation Center
NanKang Biotech Incubation Center, DCB
Epoch Foundation
WizXpand International Management Consulting Co. (iiiNNO)
YEZ Accelerator
StarFab Accelerator
Asia Blockchain Accelerator

New Taipei City
Ming Chi University of Technology Innovation & Incubation Center
National Open University Innovation Incubation Center

Taoyuan County
CYCU Industry Accelerator and Incubation Center
Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration, National Central University
National Taipei University of Business Research and Development Department Innovation and Incubation Center
Vanung University Innovation Incubation Center
Innovation & Incubation Center of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Chung Hua University Innovation & Incubation Center
Chiao Tung Campus, Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Innovative Incubation Center, NTHU

Hsinchu County
Ricare Co.,Ltd.
Central Area

Miaoli County
National Health Research Institutes Technology Transfer and Incubation Center
Innovation and Incubator Center, National United University (Miaoli Alliance)
Agricultural Technology Research Institute (Miaoli Alliance)

(TI) Taiwan Incubator Co., Ltd
Innovation Incubation Center, Agricultural Research Institute, COA
Asia University Innovation & Incubation Center
Tunghai University Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center
Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute incubation center
Feng Chia University Business Incubation and Technology Licensing Center

Changhua County
National Changhua University of Education Innovation Incubation Center
DaYeh University Innovation Incubation Center

Yunlin County
Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration And Intellectual Property ,National Yunlin University of Science And Technology

Southern Area

Chang Jung Christian University Innovation Incubation Center
National Cheng Kung University Technology Startup Accelerator
Innovation Incubation Center, National University of Tainan
Kun Shan University Innovation, Startup and Incubation Center
Innovation and Incubation Center Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science
Far East University Incubation Center

National University of Kaohsiung, Industry Academia Incubation Center
Innovation and Incubation Center, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Incubator of Kaohsiung Medical University
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre Innovation Incubation Center
Startup Talk Innovation Hub

Pingtung County
The Incubation Center of Regional Industry Service Division of Institute for Information Industry (Pingtung Alliance)
Innovation Incubation Center at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Pingtung Alliance)
Meiho University Innovation & Incubation Center (Pingtung Alliance)

Eastern Area
I-Lan County
National I-Lan University Innovation Incubation Center

Hualien County
National Dong Hwa University Industrial Innovation Incubation Center (I3C-NDHU)
Innovation & Incubation Center, SRDC

Taitung County
National Taitung University Innovation and Incubation Center
Offshore Island

Penghu County
Innovation and Incubation Center, National Penghu University of Science and Technology